Byran Zaugg
I am a web developer, designer in Azusa, CA. Here is a little bit more about me.



  • Advanced experience hand coding HTML and CSS for 6 years. Utilizing semantic, clean, markup and separating content from presentation.
  • Intermediate experience coding JavaScript for 5 years. Utilizing libraries such as jQuery, jQuery UI and MooTools to build rich web applications via AJAX, JSON and DOM scripting.
  • Intermediate experience using ASP (VBScript), COM (VB6), and MS SQL for 5 years to develop web applications, and international eCommerce solutions.


  • Advanced experience using Adobe Photoshop to design for web and print. As well as slicing designs for web development.
  • Daily experience using TortoiseSVN to manage source code changes.
  • Intermediate experience using Adobe Illustrator to design for print.
  • Experience using Microsoft SQL Management Studio to design databases, queries and stored procedures.
  • Experience using Microsoft Visual Studio 6 to maintain COM DLLs for use in ASP.
  • Solid experience using Microsoft IIS 6 to setup and maintain multiple websites, utilizing Application Pools, and multiple .Net versions.
  • Experience managing GoDaddy Domains and DNS, and Microsoft DNS.
  • Well versed in Microsoft Windows operating systems up to Windows 7.
  • Apple Mac OS X compatible.


  • Cross-browser compatibility mindset and practice with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Excited about emerging web technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5′s Canvas, Video, and Web Storage.
  • Understands the benefits to SEO through semantic HTML markup and microdata.
  • Very interested in exploring additional server-side technologies such as Node.js,¬†PHP, Python and ASP.Net to further extend current skill-set.


Gano Excel USA / Merydion Corporation / Paradigm3 Technologies - Irwindale, California

October 2005 to Present – Web Developer

November 2004 to October 2009 – Graphic/Web Designer

  • Worked as a key team member to design UI, develop, and maintain various web applications, portals and eCommerce systems used by more than 130,000 affiliates in the United States, Canada, and 6 Latin American counties. With some web sites seeing more than 20,000 pageviews per day, per country.
  • Worked as a key team member to design, and develop templates for a replicating, eCommerce and recruitment website system.
  • Advocated and worked to modernize our various websites, with web standards and new technologies, to ensure our users had the richest user experiences.
  • Identified and improved areas in our web applications to reduce redundant files, and improve performance.
  • Worked as a team member to architect and develop a custom, web based, issue tracking system. Supporting departments, permissions, team delegation, and ticket resolution history.
  • Worked as a key team member to develop an email marketing web application.
  • Implemented various third-party APIs such as; embedded video players, live chat, photo galleries, forums, and calendars to deliver dynamic and engaging content for our users. And also to enrich our corporate side with tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Administered various aspects of our website supporting technologies such as; Google Analytics, IIS, DNS, VisualSVN Server, verified and self-signed SSL certificates, and Windows 2003 & 2008 Server security.
  • Initiated and advocated the adaptation of many tools and practices. Such as; wire-framing tools, modern revision control systems, semantic HTML markup, browser compatibility practices, JavaScript frameworks, traffic analytic tools, client side HTML/CSS/JS/HTTP debugging tools, IIS performance optimisations, and web server security.

Counterpoint Communications - Layton, Utah

May 2002 to November 2004 – Graphic/Web Designer

  • Designed for a wide variety of client types, ranging from; medical, real estate, Multi-level marketing (MLM), energy, fishing, education, marketing, resorts, construction, spa, automotive, LGBT support groups, to telecommunications.
  • Many times working directly with the client to meet design and business goals.
  • Designed material for full marketing campaigns. Featuring, eCommerce website designs with matching brochures, catalog covers, letterhead, postcards, corporate branding, and email marketing designs.
  • Initiated and advocated proper; image optimization for web use, color workflow using Adobe design products, Adobe Photoshop slicing techniques for use in web development, and monitor color calibration.

iSigns/Infinite DeSign - Clearfield, Utah

September 2000 to April 2002 – Graphic Designer, Sign Builder/Installer

  • Designed unique signage, banners, logos, business cards and other misc. print imagery for clients to attract customers to their business locations.
  • Many times working directly with clients to determine branding and advertising needs.
  • Played an integrated roll in the sign manufacturing process.

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