About Me

Hello, I’m Byran.
I develop and design for the web.

First, I came from a print design background and was given the opportunity to try my hand at web design; I liked it.

Later, I was given the chance to dabble in web development; I loved it!

Today, I’m a die-hard for pixel-perfect, semantic, web-pages and have a drive for UI/UX perfection. I enjoy seeing the results of my labors; being interactive, useful, and consistent across various browsers. I spend that extra time, fixing that IE quirk that’s keeping a project from being just right.

What does the future hold? I’m excited to see where the web is headed; bringing a “desktop” experience to the browser. The tools available online today are astonishing, and I look forward to contributing to them.

While you’re here, please have a look at my resume and portfolio. I think you’ll love what you see.